Our Equipment

Here are some of our featured products:

Meyer Sound LYON

The LYON system’s flexibility, scalability, and ultra-low distortion make it an indispensable tool for any project,  from concert halls to arenas; EDM festivals to outdoor symphony performances.

Meyer Sound MILO

The MILO 120 high-power expanded overage curvilinear array loudspeaker excels where wide horizontal and increased vertical coverage are needed.

Crest Audio GAMBLE EX56

Founded in the 1970s, Crest Audio has a long legacy as a builder of sonically superior, rugged power amplifiers for the touring sound industry. This Gamble board is a 56 channel FOH console designed by Jim Gamble.

Meyer Sound GALILEO GALAXY 816

Harnesses open-source AVB technology to provide a powerful toolset for corrective equalization and creative fine-tuning, in a full range of applications from touring to cinema.

Worship Facilities Magazine

Back in 2008, Point Source Audio installed a new Meyer Sound system into a church in Seattle. As the owner of the second largest pipe organ west of the Mississippi, Seattle University Presbyterian Church has 7,000 pipes adorning the front walls. With different services running the gamut from traditional Christian music to a range of contemporary styles, the new system also had to address the needs of a diverse congregation. It was a challenge, but the results were amazing!

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Light and Sound Journal

The resurrection of the Pantages was recently crowned by Federal Way, Wash.-based Point Source Inc.’s installation of a revamped audio system built around Meyer Sound’s self-powered M’elodie™ultracompact high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker.

“The theatre’s board of directors placed a priority on achieving high-quality sound and good coverage with minimal visibility,” says Point Source’s Curt Hare. “I brought in four M’elodie cabinets, stacked them up on stage and played a CD through them. That was all they needed to hear.”

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